Together we're building a place of belonging

At Horizon, diversity, equity and inclusion are pillars of our culture. Numerous studies show that a more diverse workplace benefits everyone in so many ways; employees, organizations and their clients. When people feel that they belong and are included, they become committed and feel empowered to be more innovative. And that is the workforce we strive to have. When you build a place of belonging the benefits are enormous: a supportive culture creates a more rewarding experience, improved employee retention, greater innovation, better client business outcomes, and improved profitability.

We welcome everyone and do not discriminate based on sex, gender identity, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability. We want you to feel welcomed, safe and know that you’re a vital member of our community. Horizon is a place where we listen, share, take time to enjoy the journey, and where we get things done together. We do all this by treating each other as individuals, committing to respectful relationships and by unlocking each person’s potential.

We’ve accomplished a lot and have been recognized as a Best Place to Work by AdAge, Crain’s New York and the LA Business Journal. Fortune has named us a best place to work for Diversity, Women and Millennials. We're proud of what we've built and we've done it with a simple plan. We hire talented people, challenge them and give them every opportunity to grow. We have made good progress, but we also know that we can always do more.

Please take a look around. Ask your friends about us. Get a better sense of what we're all about and why Horizon might be right for you.

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