Dynamic, fragmented and constantly changing

Horizon continues to lead and help our clients to navigate in this new world of media engagement.  We are continuously evaluating emerging opportunities and always exploring new ways to develop the most meaningful connections with consumers.

We have a proven process in place that enables us to stay ahead of the curve.  A process fueled by insights at every stage, guided by proprietary tools, and tracked, measured and refined across next generation business intelligence platforms.  

Social intelligence plays a critical role throughout our process.  We are heavily invested in digital and social tools and technology, and constantly forging new partnerships with new and important players in the digital technology space.

Painting the white canvas

The world we live in is a white canvas, and every day we get the opportunity to paint it with new ideas. That’s why we made it our mission to nurture an inventive mindset and ignite new ideas. We work across all levels of the organization to make it possible for inventive ideas to live on and succeed beyond the ideation phase.

At Horizon, invention lives throughout the agency. It is a way of life, a mindset, and a culture driver. Invention filters through every facet of the company, leading to new revenue streams and better solutions for our clients, overall enhancing our business in every way.


Keeping our clients ahead of the curve

Our syndicated research, data analysis and proprietary research are the fuel of our products.  We model consumer behavior from the moment people wake up to the moment they fall asleep.  Sophisticated tools drive consumer insights, channel insights, and inform our investment strategies across every platform from video to audio, to print and OOH, to online, social and mobile.

Enabling timely and accurate decisions

We understand the difference between measuring marketing tactics and strategic use of data.  Our performance driven approach is supported by a world class data and intelligence platform along with a suite of interactive tools that have all been developed with one thing in mind—to help us and our clients make the most timely and informed decisions about their business. 

We are relentless in our objective to deliver innovative ways of quantifying a client’s return on investment through highly efficient targeting, cross-channel attribution, marketing mix scenarios, econometric modeling and data visualization.

Getting ahead of tomorrow

Horizon is at the forefront of social intelligence.  Powered by the Distillery, our proprietary social intelligence platform, we use a variety of leading social technologies to inform business decisions across all areas of campaign planning, execution and refinement.  Horizon is providing our clients with greater insight into the true value of social media impressions, and a clear direction in how best to mine social conversations, identify influencers and create messaging that’s really worth sharing. 

The continual pursuit of a better way

We drive innovation for our clients and are recognized as an organization that embraces change.  Traditional media, technology providers, venture funds and new start-ups know that our door is always open and come to us knowing that Horizon is a committed partner in building the future.  We are active investors in delivering greater value for our clients through the adoption of new platforms and technology services. 

Horizon was a pioneer in driving transparency in the world of online display advertising.  We were the first agency to partner with RealVu, a leader in disruptive digital display technology, enabling us to drive efficiencies by identifying and paying for only those display ads that were actually viewed by our target audience. Our ongoing partnership with RealVu has kept Horizon at the forefront of premium digital advertising and online accountability.

Horizon Media's HX was the the first major programmatic trading desk to actively embrace independent, 3rd party verification of its programmatic transactions at the impression level, providing the agency's clients with an unprecedented level of transparency on digital media activations processed through HX.


An entirely performance-based model

Big is an entirely performance-based entity with a mission of delivering improved business outcomes for Start-ups, e-commerce and emerging brands. Big is a true business partner for its clients and is completely vested in their mutual success. Big gives these clients access to big resources and provides clients with integrated strategy, big thinking, and access to the most critical resources and marketing technologies that are essential for these ambitious companies to harness their full growth potential.


Big’s core offering is holistic data management, providing clients with customized access to brand strategy, consumer insights, trend analysis, social listening, customer journey mapping, channel planning, strategic media investment across all channels, SEO consulting, programmatic buying, content marketing, brand health, path to conversion analysis, reporting and analytics.

305 WorldWide

Reinventing multicultural storytelling

305 Worldwide is a full-service multicultural agency and the next evolution is in-culture storytelling. The agency was launched by Horizon Media and Armando Christian Pérez, aka Pitbull, the GRAMMY© Award-winning artist, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and education advocate. It brings together the power of Horizon’s multicultural marketing, data and insights expertise with Pitbull’s creativity and incredible cultural connectivity to create custom experiential platforms and programs that are authentic and more engaging for multicultural audiences. 305 Worldwide is based out of Horizon’s New York headquarters at 75 Varick St, and Miami, home to Pitbull’s business and entertainment operations.

Your Essential (e+m+s)Commerce Partner

Night Market




Leading clients through this transformational time, Night Market drives performance by infusing consumer buying behavior and shopping insights with your eCommerce strategy to maximize omnichannel revenue. We help brands discover key points in their path to purchase for optimization, expansion and innovation  – and then determine where to invest the next dollar for increased eCommerce conversion and marketing efficiency.

Our difference lies at the intersection of media and eCommerce, with full-service capabilities to inform, plan and activate across the eCommerce landscape. We provide both strategic and execution services ranging from D2C conversion optimization, to marketplace strategy & management, to commerce media planning and shopping audience segmentation. With expertise across critical eCommerce channels, including third-party retailers, marketplaces, D2C channels (website and app) and mobile commerce, we know how to navigate the evolving commerce landscape and drive “Add to Carts” across the digital space.