Collaboration is a necessity, not a luxury

Clients today have multiple agency partners, so it's important that their agencies all work hard and have a single focus on their client.  Horizon has spent its entire life collaborating with creative agencies, PR agencies, design agencies and every other type of agency you can name.  It's left us with an appreciation for teamwork and a process for making it work.

Today, Horizon Media is the largest privately held media services agency in the world, managing over $9 billion in client investments, with 2,300 people and offices in New York, Los Angeles and Toronto.  Additionally, Horizon is a member of Local Planet, a collective of the leading independent media services agencies around the world.

We are a full service media agency and provide our clients with complete brand strategy, communications planning and activation across all traditional and emerging channels, including digital, social and mobile. These services include consumer insights, channel insights, creative media services, creative digital services, campaign measurement, dashboards and analytics, media research, competitive research, direct marketing, creative traffic services, sports and entertainment marketing, and trade and barter services.

Moving mountains for our clients

As you’d expect from entrepreneurs, we don't have layers of bureaucracy.  What we do have are teams built around the specific needs of our clients. Responsive teams, passionate teams, talented people who make a difference for our clients and take great pride in a job well done.

Our Brand Teams are the central point of contact for our clients and the hub of all activity.  We have experienced leaders, a deep bench of talent, and we work tirelessly each day to provide leadership for clients and deliver big results.

Why Group

We have moved beyond consumer insights

“WHY” is the most important question to ask in unlocking the complex emotional triggers that drive consumer behavior. WHY, because the ability to understand and anticipate consumer behavior is what sets a brand apart.  

Our philosophy is that we must go beyond traditional consumer insights if we are to bring a brand to life in the most relevant and engaging ways. So, we launched the WHY group to help us understand what really makes people tick, to identify cultural and societal trends, and to harness social media to reveal this coveted information. 

We are not researchers. We are idea-sparkers, consumer strategists, investigators and snoopers, sounding boards, trend spotters, storytellers and creative partners.



Where Group

Identifying the most efficient and engaging environments

The primary objective of the WHERE group is to uncover insightful, actionable and measureable channel connections that move a business forward.  We are applying leading edge business intelligence technologies to communications planning and activation, as well as evolving more accurate and accountable approaches to measurement and optimization. 

Powered by a platform of proprietary communications planning resources, we are leading the way in modeling those brand and consumer environments that are most engaging, responsive, valuable and efficient.  These technologies inform initial budget allocation and media mix modeling and provide incredible clarity into true channel relevance.  They also help us to identify the highest areas of business opportunity and our communications approach is then further refined through our extensive data partnerships and the application of marketing mix analytics.

Our Local teams are second to none

Unique to the industry, our teams are media specialists and, an important distinction, they are specialists in their particular markets. They are not generalists charged with multiple competing tasks.  This singular focus gives them the freedom and the time to focus entirely on negotiating and securing the best pricing and enhancing creativity and engagement for our clients.  Our Local teams are in the market 52-weeks a year and have a level of knowledge and insight that is second to none.  

We are engaged in the relentless pursuit of value for our clients

Horizon Media is a leader in national activation across video, audio, print, out of home, direct marketing and digital media.  We have a proven record of transitioning new business and delivering increased value for those clients.

We bring creativity to every investment and are proud to offer our clients first-to-market opportunities, unique integrations, sponsorships and added value opportunities that make budgets work much harder.

Our investment approach is streamlined, fully informed and completely accountable. And, as you would expect from an organization whose philosophy is that 'Business is Personal', we have worked hard to build some of the strongest and most productive media relationships in the industry.   

Digital strategy is infused throughout our organization

Digital strategists are fully integrated within our brand teams.  We provide a full service digital offering for our clients and have specialized units for search marketing, digital strategy, display, social, mobile, AR/VR/MR, campaign management and analytics, technology strategy, and a dedicated division for creative media solutions.

We are social pioneers and one of the first media agencies to build out a dedicated social team. This team continues to grow and harnesses the full value of social media for our clients while pushing the boundaries of what’s next.

In the mobile world, our story is also one of innovation.  We’ve created an end-to-end mobile solution, from platform strategy development, to creative execution, all the way through to analytics and optimization.

However, no matter what the platform or shiny new technology, our ultimate goal is always to develop the right mix of efficient and effective digital investments for our clients. 

A better way to build brands and drive sales

We listened to the needs of our clients and developed tailored, more compelling propositions for today’s marketplace, a strategic approach that truly addresses the varying marketing needs of our diverse roster of clients.

Our approach is designed to balance brand and acquisition. It delivers efficiency, drives lead generation and sales, advertising cut-through, and provides full accountability through a wealth of analytics modeling and brand health solutions. It also allows for continuous improvement across all channels. Our clients understand that all communications influence their sales and key performance indicators. That DRTV, brand TV, social, digital, print, audio, traditional or non-traditional media, as well as point-of-sale and packaging, all work together to transform a product into a brand. It is a streamlined and responsive process, and one that enables our clients to make faster and more informed marketing decisions.

Cost is the first consideration on every marketer’s mind, and it is a variable that we control better than anybody. Our business intelligence platforms track, measure and optimize all marketing activity, and our next generation attribution models deliver accountability across all activity.

Ultimately, what has major marketers trusting us with their business is our track record of driving growth by more effectively balancing the need for brand building with their immediate reality of sales and acquisition goals.

An inclusive approach to driving engagement

Nearly half of adult Millennials are multicultural. Understanding this demographic shift, it is paramount that communications planning continues to evolve to reflect this cultural diversity.

Horizon’s multicultural practice, led by multicultural expert Karina Dobarro, VP, Managing Director of Multicultural Brand Strategy, is seamlessly integrated across all facets of the agency and provides informed strategies for the agency’s clients. Powered by Horizon’s proprietary tools and processes and combining traditional and digital expertise, the practice harnesses the latest consumer insights with market nuances to  drive the most relevant and effective campaigns.

Evergreen Trading

Innovation that drives the bottom line

Evergreen Trading, powered by Evergreen Partners, is our cutting edge media investment and trading division. We help our clients monetize what would otherwise be unused or under-performing assets, such as excess inventory, raw materials, equipment, real estate, gift cards or spare capacity. These assets are traded for media and enable our clients to increase brand exposure while improving their bottom line. These creative trade deals have delivered millions of dollars in media value for our clients.


Local Planet Media logo

Entrepreneurs unlimited

Horizon Media is a founding member of Local Planet, a privately owned network of shareholder agencies. Through Local Planet, our clients can harness our entrepreneurial spirit on a global scale. Each Local Planet agency was born and bred in its local market, and offers uncanny insights for clients that can only happen when you're intricately familiar with the fabric of the local economy. Through Local Planet’s local agencies, we are able to offer our clients tailored technology and data solutions on a local level, globally, rather than offering a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  

Local Planet operates in 64 markets globally, with 6,700 local market experts and client investments in excess of $14 billion.

Better Insights, Improved Outcomes

We provide clients with a detailed understanding of what is really driving audiences through the conversion path from awareness, consideration and finally to business outcomes. Our data and analytics teams leverage a combination of media, audience, and third-party data to ensure long-term strategic and short-term campaign goals are constantly being met. By establishing a comprehensive measurement framework we are able to offer a clear view into which media investments are most effective and how budgets can be most efficiently allocated to achieve maximum business impact.