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Silk Presents: The Least Challenging Challenge (in the World)

Silk, an alternative soy milk product, was preparing their health-focused New Year campaign. But this time of year is filled with a glut of competing cries such as: “10 Week Challenge,” and “Slim Down New Year’s Challenge.” These programs all looked like boot camp, while Silk’s concept of the Least Challenging Challenge showed how easy it is to switch from regular milk to the healthier Silk. 

To break through with a minimal creative budget, Treehouse (Horizon’s digital creative division) created an engaging and interactive campaign.  We built a social Facebook game where users could interact with the brand while taking part in very easy challenges.  We also extended the idea into more traditional digital environments but always made sure to build in interactivity. 

The Facebook games have had the highest activity and engagement for any Silk program to date.