• Bill Koenigsberg
    President, CEO & Founder

    Vinnie O'Toole
    Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

    Eileen Benwitt
    Chief Talent Officer

  • Rich Simms
    EVP, Managing Partner

    Eva Kantrowitz
    EVP, Managing Partner

    Stan Fields
    EVP, Managing Partner

  • Serena Duff
    EVP General Manager, Western Region

    Paul Santello
    EVP, Managing Partner

    Marianne Gambelli
    EVP, Chief Investment Officer

  • Eric Blankfein
    Chief of WHERE

    Donnie Williams
    Chief Digital Officer

    Sheri Roder
    Chief of WHY

  • Molly Sugarman
    VP, Managing Director, Treehouse

    Sarah Bachman
    Director, Mobile

    Taylor Valentine
    Chief Invention Officer

  • Mary Shirley
    VP, Digital Media Activation

    Dave Campanelli
    SVP, Director of National Broadcast

    Lauren Russo
    SVP, Managing Director of Audio & Promotions

  • Nancy Larkin
    SVP, Managing Director Local Television

    Debbie Sklar
    VP, Director, Print Services

    Jill Nickerson
    SVP, Director of OOH

  • Gene Turner
    SVP/Managing Partner, Direct Marketing Division

    Michael Neuman
    Managing Partner, Scout Sports and Entertainment

    Gordon Zellner
    Managing Partner, Eden Road Trading

  • Jennifer Moore McCutcheon
    SVP, Managing Director of Eden Road Trading

    Tugce Caglayan
    Associate Director, International Brand Strategy

    Stephen Hall
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Steve Faske
    SVP, Managing Director of Business & Legal Affairs

    Cliff Cree
    SVP, Chief Information Officer

    Katy Ferguson
    EVP, Managing Partner, Entertainment

  • Charlie Rutman
    Managing Partner

    Rick Watrall
    Chief Analytics Officer

    Bobby Friedman
    CEO, Bungalow Media + Entertainment

  • Jon Venison
    Partner, InsideOut Sports & Entertainment