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There's no such thing as business as usual

Entrepreneurs have built Horizon Media into the largest and fastest-growing independent media services company in the world.  We don't just understand all that it takes to drive a business on a daily basis, we live it.  We understand the challenges faced by our clients on a daily basis.  We are completely invested in their success and with them every step of the way.

Here are a few ways in which our entrepreneurial approach is providing our clients with innovation and leadership.


Scout connects with people via their passion for sports, music and live entertainment

Scout relies on innovation to amplify client marketing campaigns in compelling live environments. Scout continuously provides clients with ground-breaking research and dynamic programs that deliver measurable results.

Our full-service sports and entertainment marketing capabilities range from multi-media sports partnerships to strategic sponsorship activation, to experiential campaigns and endorsements.

Scout manages all aspects of campaigns, including concept development, negotiation, valuation and execution, through the industry's deepest analysis of sponsorship measurement.

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Pushing the creative boundaries of integrated content

Bungalow Horizon is an integrated entertainment unit that develops, produces, and distributes content across all media platforms, including television, film, live events, and digital media. Bungalow Horizon sits comfortably at the nexus point between television and digital networks, creative talent, and brands. The practice has a deep understanding and impressive track record of creating content across traditional and unscripted media, providing marketers with an unparalleled ability to tell brand stories organically while maintaining integrity and incorporating the brand’s DNA and messaging. Bungalow Horizon was founded by CEO Bobby Friedman, a thirty year entertainment industry veteran who previously managed MTV, New Line Cinema, AOL, and


Creativity is a powerful thing when you’re fighting for somebody’s time and attention

Strategy is nothing without great execution. And great execution is a missed opportunity if it lacks creativity. Treehouse is Horizon’s creative media services division. It was launched to meld media and message to deliver authentic brand stories. 

We work closely with all of our media partners to ensure that the custom content we are creating is a natural fit with the brand message, the story and the property in which it resides. 

Treehouse offers a full range of creative media services across all channels, from concept to execution and measurement, including content development. 


At the intersection of talent, sports, and branded entertainment

InsideOut Sports + Entertainment develops and produces proprietary events and promotions that provide advertisers unprecedented access to talent, unique opportunities to generate exposure for their brands and the ability to connect in meaningful ways with their target customers.  InsideOut has produced over 100 live and televised sports and entertainment events in more than 10 countries since inception in 2004.  At the same time, supporting the community, the underprivileged and the under-served are deep values of InsideOut which has committed to a charity tie-in to every property it develops. 



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Re-inventing a powerful emotional platform

As a medium, audio has more than kept pace with the digital revolution, but if you take a listen to audio marketing, well, that’s an entirely different story. Audio is the number one reach medium with 245 million consumers a month, and provides a direct line to our emotions, moods and memories. It’s a marketer’s dream: the ability to reach people when they are immersed in content. However, audio advertising has lacked the creativity to make the most of these opportunities. Wordsworth & Booth is re-inventing the industry by combining exceptional creative services with a better-informed approach to the medium. Named for first-rate copywriting (Wordsworth) and outstanding production (Booth), W&B provides highly-engaging and effective audio solutions for brands. Wordsworth & Booth is helmed by Tony Mennuto, an industry leader who has seen audio from the creative agency side, the production side, the broadcast side, and the media side. He truly believes in the power of audio and is excited to guide it into the future.